Chief Investigator Tired of Investigating Things

Chief Investigator Tired of Investigating Things

Barbara Comstock, who literally built her career on investigating the Clintons, has suddenly lost her zest for investigating things. When she was getting ready to run for Congress she was all about getting answers on Benghazi.

“We need to get to the bottom of the truth in Benghazi, and I will do that because I’ve done that before as a chief investigator in Congress,”

After more than a decade obsessing over matters such as Travelgate, Benghazi and Clinton’s email server, she has suddenly lost interest in investigating things. She has literally made zero public comment about the current scandal which has plunged our country’s national security apparatus into chaos. She finally managed to utter a single word tweet yesterday once her Republican master gave her permission to speak.

Comstock still refuses to call for an independent investigation into what looks to be a major breach of national security and possible acts of treason. This after she wasted millions of dollars in tax payers money investigating things as serious as breaking with tradition and firing some travel agents who worked in the White House.

Just for fun let’s look next door in the VA-8 and see what a real Congressional representative is saying:


Comstock finally finds her Twitter account:

Typical Comstock - a day late and a dollar short. This statement contains no mention of Jeff Sessions and the conflict of interest he has. Second, it does not address the fact that the Chairman of the House Intelligence committee was a member of the Trump transition team. If Loretta Lynch should recuse herself for saying “hi” to Bill Clinton on an airplane why should members of the Trump campaign team be allowed to investigate themselves?

Comstock also neglected to mention that she is the Chairwoman of the House Science Subcommittee. Democrats on that committee have been calling for an investigation into the reports that Donald Trump is using an insecure cellphone. Comstock has dismissed calls for an investigation because she feels the Clinton email servers were not investigated enough.

Finally, we’re still waiting for a condemnation of Trump’s disgraceful public statements that both calls into question the integrity of the intelligence professionals who live and work in her district. They are pretty much the only people keeping this ship together right now and they deserve her support.

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