Comstock Too Stubborn to Quit the Race

Comstock Too Stubborn to Quit the Race

The Washington Post ran an interesting piece on Barbara Comstock yesterday. The article was not nearly critical enough for those of who know Comstock, but it did contain some interesting tidbits.

When asked why she is not considering retirement in the face of an overwhelming blue wave, her answer was simple.

“I’m healthy, my family’s healthy, my kids are healthy, I love this job.”

Who can blame her for loving the job? After all, being a member of Congress comes with plenty of perks:

The article makes it clear why Comstock thinks she deserves another term in office.

She loves the perks and she’s too stubborn to quit.

It’s not exactly the most inspirational rationale for her candidacy.

Now that we know why she’s running, what about her chances of success?

She is raising money at a furious pace, trekking to more picnics and ribbon cuttings than ever.

We all know that Comstock is a swamp monster capable of raising a ton of money. Even though her Democratic challenger will have plenty of money to compete, Comstock will have more. But having a lot of money is no guarantee of victory. Ask Hilary Clinton how her nearly $600 million advantage over Trump worked out for her.

The article points out that she knows a bunch of high profile Republicans. We’re pretty sure that voters are not going to be swayed by the fact that she has Thanksgiving dinner with a Supreme Court justice or that her next door neighbor is the CEO of Northrop Grumman.

Finally, we get to the time honored explanation for why Comstock will be victorious in November - she is a hard worker. Never mind the fact that Comstock is taking a six day weekend this week after recently coming back from a two week recess. She will outwork the competition!

As proof, the Post article cites Trump’s deputy campaign manager:

“[Trump] is the hardest-working man I’ve ever been around,” Bossie said. “Barbara Comstock is the hardest-working woman I’ve ever been around.”

We can hardly wait to see Trump make that argument himself in a district where he lost to Hilary Clinton by ten points.

In summary:

  • Comstock is not quitting because she likes the job
  • She has lots of important Republican friends who give her money
  • She works as hard as Trump

People who point to the fact that Northam won her district by 13 points should not count Barbara Comstock out of this race. Comstock herself has warned us about the dangers of underestimating your political opponent:

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