Comstock Travels the World on Our Dime

Comstock Travels the World on Our Dime

Barbara Comstock is on another congressional junket, this time to India. While she is still overseas, we thought it might be fun to look at some of her previous travel history.

Barbara got her first taste of taxpayer-funded travel waaaay back in 1999.

She was just a congressional staffer, trying to make a name for herself as an anti-Clinton researcher.

Yet, somehow, Comstock convinced her boss that she needed to visit Australia.

And New Zealand.

And Korea.

Lo and behold. A jet-setter was born.

Since that time, Comstock has wasted thousands of dollars on taxpayer-funded junkets to some really cool places. She injects U.S. taxpayer money into foreign economies, and then returns to her district, with no one the wiser.

We say, “no one the wiser” because Comstock doesn’t always tell voters she is leaving, or that she has returned, or what she did while she was away. Or how her expensive travel benefits her constituents.

Comstock’s trips have never produced any actual, concrete results.

For example, she went to Colombia in 2015. Never officially mentioned it to her constituents. Didn’t even share a photo-op with us on Twitter. In fact, someone kept tweeting anodyne messages from her account as if Comstock was still in Washington. We have no idea what Barbara Comstock did in Colombia.

Comstock has also travelled to Peru on the taxpayer’s dime. Peru is a really nice place. We’re sure Comstock had a good time, but she didn’t even tweet about her trip. Or bring us a t-shirt. So voters don’t know what she did.

Why did Comstock visit Peru? Why did she visit Colombia? She hasn’t released the trip reports, so we have to speculate.

We found one common factor that explains Comstock’s travel to Peru and Colombia. This factor links the two countries and ties right into Comstock’s legendary interest in wine. That is…

…Colombia and Peru are both wine-producing regions!

Yes! Peru’s wine industry is growing and Colombia’s wine industry is still in its early growth stage. It’s just the kind of travel that feeds Barbara Comstock’s love for wineries (and fine dining).

What else could it be?

Sometimes these simplest explanations are the best. And unless Barbara Comstock will release the official schedule and trip reports from all her junkets, we’ll have to go with the most obvious explanation:

Comstock likes to spend other people’s money on foreign travel.

Note: New Zealand and Australia are also wine-producing regions, which suggests that Comstock’s wine hobby began long ago.

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