Comstock Triggered into Bizarre Tweet Storm

Comstock Triggered into Bizarre Tweet Storm

We must have touched a nerve with yesterday’s announcement of the Accountability Pledge. Not only did Comstock refuse to sign the pledge, but she apparently wanted to make some kind of point by going on a bizarre Twitter binge.

Comstock typically tweets once or twice per day, and generally never more than a single tweet about a specific event. Yesterday, however, she tweeted eleven different photos of the same opioid roundtable discussion, all within a four hour period.

We’re all for roundtables to discuss opioids but they are not a substitute for a town hall and they should also be open to the public. At the very least, they should be recorded so everyone has the benefit of knowing what our representative is saying about this important issue.

Hopefully Comstock did not embarrass herself again like she did in a recent Congressional hearing, where she asked an incoherent question about MS-13 gangs to a confused group of drug addiction experts.

Fortunately, Comstock’s challengers were more than happy to address the accountability issue that is so important to constituents.

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