Cowardly Comstock Can't Decide on Horrible Tax Bill

Cowardly Comstock Can

The House GOP recently rolled out their new tax cut plan and Barbara Comstock can’t decide whether she is for it or against it.

Due to Senate rules, Congress needed to pass a budget resolution that would allow the actual bill to pass through the Senate with a simple majority vote. Comstock originally voted against the budget resolution but that was a month ago - things were different back then.

Comstock needed a taxpayer funded trip to India to think about it. She came back refreshed and relaxed - ready to blow a hole through the deficit. This time when the budget resolution came up for a vote, she voted for it.

Keep in mind that both votes were without a single hearing or public detail on what would actually be contained in the bill. If you’re upset with Comstock for voting in favor of the bill (or against it), she wants you to know that the budget resolution is totally non-binding.

Once again, Comstock is caught trying to have it “both ways”.

Comstock votes against the tax bill

In her first press release, she explains that she is still in favor of cutting taxes for the rich, even though she had just voted against it.

I also remain a strong supporter of tax relief for our families and businesses to make us competitive again.

So if you were disappointed that Trump wasn’t going to be able to massively cut his own taxes, don’t worry … it’s non-binding and she really wanted to vote for it.

Comstock votes in favor of the tax bill

In her second press release, Comstock finds it necessary to explain why she voted for a bill that will actually raise taxes for most of her constituents.

I also am working with my colleagues and leadership on the issue of state and local tax deductions, so that we can resolve this issue favorably for states and Districts such as VA-10.

So if you were disappointed that she voted for a bill that will actually raise your taxes, don’t worry … it’s non-binding and she is going to work with the leadership to straighten out this whole unfortunate business.

Now she doesn’t know how she’ll vote

Comstock voted both for and against the tax bill before any of the specifics were announced. Now that Paul Ryan has finally unveiled the details, she doesn’t know how she’s going to vote.

That was Thursday. If you thought she’d have a position several days later, you probably should have skipped reading the Washington Post yesterday.

Comstock voted last week for a budget resolution that set up the framework for tax reform to pass the Senate with 50 instead of the usual 60 votes, but has not said whether that signaled her support for the tax proposal.

Sigh. Once again we have no comment from Comstock. We will just have to wait and see how she votes. If that doesn’t sit well with you, then consider voting for any one of her opponents who have all signed a pledge promising not to keep their constituents in the dark on matters such as this.

Update (November 7): She still can’t decide!

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