Comstock Votes to Keep Trump's Tax Returns Secret

Comstock Votes to Keep Trump

Barbara Comstock likes to wrap herself in the flag of bipartisanship but when the chips are down, she always votes the party line with Trump. We already know that the Russians were engaged in cyber warfare with the aim of influencing the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. The U.S. intelligence agencies have already concluded this with the “highest confidence” in their recent declassified report.

The only question remaining is whether or not the Trump campaign was involved. During an investigation it’s important to look at motive. It has been rumored that Trump owes a considerable amount of money to the Russians who are alleged to have been investors in his various real estate schemes. Trump can easily clear this up by releasing his tax returns - something he demanded of Mike Pence before asking him to be his running mate.

The American people get it. 74% of them say that Trump should release his tax returns. Even in this incredibly divided moment in American politics, three out of four people in America can agree on such a basic and obvious step. Barbara Comstock, however, begs to differ.

Trump lost Comstock’s district by ten points. There is no mandate or even majority support for Trump in the VA-10. Yesterday, Comstock voted along party lines to shut down a Democratic led effort to release Trump’s tax returns. Barbara Comstock is playing the VA-10 for suckers. She thinks the voters will forget about all of this if she says the word “bipartisan” enough times. It’s worked for her before so you can’t really blame her. It’s up to the voters in the VA-10 to stay organized and energized and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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