Comstock votes against secure voting machines

Comstock votes against secure voting machines

Yesterday, Barbara Comstock voted to abolish the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) which would remove what little federal protection that currently exist in order to safeguard our country’s two hundred plus year tradition of free and fair elections. She voted along party lines to completely eliminate the EAC, which was set up after the Florida 2000 recount debacle.

Comstock has once again been caught towing the Trump party line even though she pretends to be a moderate for the voters back home. The Brennan Center for Justice responded in the Nation by saying:

The EAC is the only federal agency … [which] undertakes essential activities that no other institution is equipped to address.

It’s strange that at a time when both parties are expressing concern about Russian attempts to hack voter registration systems, Comstock actually wants to eliminate the agency in charge of making sure voting systems meet modern security standards. This would also eliminate at least thirty federal jobs, one week after she voted to reduce the salaries of federal workers to $1.

Comstock is going to have a hard time explaining these votes to her constituents in 2018. With your help we will make sure that she doesn’t get away with it. Help spread the word and together we’ll Dump Comstock in 2018!

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