Comstock Votes to Kill Agency that Monitors Election Systems

Comstock Votes to Kill Agency that Monitors Election Systems

Last February, Rep. Barbara Comstock quietly voted to kill the only bipartisan agency dedicated to securing our voting system, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (USEAC). She did this despite frantic intelligence warnings about extensive Russian vote hacking efforts.

Comstock’s predecessor, the popular Rep. Frank Wolf, was a co-sponsor of the USEAC legislation, which passed the House by an overwhelming margin 357 to 48. Comstock is trying to undue part of Wolf’s legacy.

Comstock rejected pleas from her colleague Rep. Zoe Lofgren who stated:

“Now is not the time to do away with the only entity at the Federal level that is obliged to try and secure the system itself.”

You can watch Comstock’s cynical vote to kill the agency below.

This vote is typical of Comstock’s time in Congress. Despite the concerns of her constituents, she has consistently blocked efforts to learn more about potential Russian interference in our elections, and she has refused to support an independent 9-11 style commission to investigate the full extent of Russian interference in our election.

VA10 residents may also want to know:

The bipartisan USEAC was created by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) to help our local governments improve voting procedures and equipment after a tight Florida election revealed problems with “hanging chads” and other issues. This of course is something Comstock should be familiar with given her role supporting the GOP during the infamous Florida recount.

HAVA had 172 Republican and Democratic sponsors, including Comstock’s predecessor, then-Rep. Frank Wolf.

Details about Russian hacking have continued to emerge since Comstock’s vote to kill the USEAC. ABC News reported recently that, “hackers working on behalf of the Russian government are suspected in the onslaught against more than 20 state election systems.”

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