Comstock votes to reduce the wages of federal workers

Comstock votes to reduce the wages of federal workers

On Sunday, political hack Barbara Comstock voted with the Republicans for an extreme House Rules package which included the controversial “Holman Rule”. This rule would allow individual members of Congress (Comstock included) to slash the salary of any federal worker to $1.

The Washington Post sugar-coats their headline claiming “Rep. Barabara Comstock breaks with Trump over federal hiring freeze.” While it’s true that she did pay some lip service to federal workers it’s not the whole story. Here’s what really happened.

Comstock issued a statement saying she opposed a federal hiring freeze but when it came time to vote for the final rule, she actually voted in favor of the Holman Rule in the final bill.

Comstock voted for the entire rules package, including the Holman rule, when it came up for a floor vote. It passed easily in the GOP-controlled chamber.

Barbara Comstock talks a good game, and even made a token effort of resistance, but in the end she capitulated to Republican pressure - just like she always does. Comstock’s congressional district employs hundreds if not thousands of federal workers. They will not soon forget how Barbara Comstock abandoned the members of her district when it came to protecting federal workers.

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