Barbara Comstock is now Doing Photo Ops in Egypt

Barbara Comstock is now Doing Photo Ops in Egypt

Barbara Comstock’s constituents have been complaining for months about her refusal to hold an in-person town hall. She has received criticism for turning up in Reston, VA and other places outside her district. Faced with mounting pressure due to her conspicuous absence, Comstock did what any reasonable person would do in her situation - she booked a trip to Egypt!

You may be asking yourself, “What on earth is Barbara Comstock doing in Egypt?” Well if you follow the Virginia GOP on Twitter you’ll hear a variety of explanations.

First, according to the GOP Chairman, she was going to Church:

When we questioned whether going to Church on the taxpayer dime was really part of her job, the explanation shifted somewhat.

Never mind the fact that the leader in question seized power in a coup d’état. Also please ignore the fact that said leader was in Washington, DC just last week so there was no need to travel to Egypt to see him.

Yes this may look like complete bullshit but that’s because we’re all too dumb to understand it.

Here is what we do know. Barbara Comstock is a backbench representative who is on the Admin, Science and Transportation committees which have nothing to do with Egypt.

Finally we have gotten to the latest GOP rationale, which is essentially that “both sides do it.”

This may come as a shock to people but we’re actually against taxpayer funded photo ops regardless of who is wasting the money. So it seems the Virginia GOP has conceded that this has nothing to do with counter-terrorism - it’s just “business as usual.”

The only question that remains is whose idea was it to send such a unqualified person to Egypt? Was this Trump’s idea or did Comstock, never one to turn down a photo op outside her district, simply volunteer herself?

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