Comstock Admits Nobody was Paying Attention when She was Elected in 2009 [AUDIO]

Comstock Admits Nobody was Paying Attention when She was Elected in 2009  [AUDIO]

Barbara Comstock has always had a simple plan when it comes to fooling voters in Virginia:

We’ve been pouring through her older interviews and looking for interesting information, and we recently turned up this interesting tidbit. Comstock was first elected to office in the Virginia House of Delegates in 2009, and in this interview, she concedes that this happened in large part because the media wasn’t paying attention to her race.

“Nobody thought I would get elected and my race was fortunately ignored by the press.”

You can listen to the relevant clip here

It’s hard to argue with her conclusion. The strategy has certainly worked in the past. She even managed to dupe the Washington Post into endorsing her which helped to sway some low information voters. Trump’s election in 2016, however, has changed everything.

Democratic candidates are surging everywhere now and no Republican candidates will be spared. Whether it’s the massive drubbing inflicted on Republicans in Virginia this November, or the upset loss in Alabama last night, the voters have rejected Trump and those that seek to enable him.

Conservatives are in open revolt against her and she has drawn a Republican primary challenger. On the Democratic side, she has several excellent candidates running against her in the Democratic primary. Her voting record is now being closely scrutinized and the media is all over this race with many predicting that she will be toast next year in November.

All three major local VA-10 newspapers have written editorials calling on Comstock to hold a town hall. Constituents have been staging highly visible protests at her offices all year. Recent polling shows her losing by seven points to a generic challenger in 2018.

The voters spoke have spoken once again last night. Trump’s vision for America is wildly unpopular - even in deep red Alabama. There will be nowhere for Barbara Comstock to hide in 2018.

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