Comstock's Disastrous Trip to Leesburg


Barbara Comstock has been having a lot of bad days lately, and if Monday’s event in Leesburg was any indication, things won’t be getting better for her anytime soon.

Comstock was scheduled to appear at an interfaith event speaking out against racism in Leesburg, VA. Naturally she did nothing to promote this fact on social media, since she lives in fear of running into constituents.

The event was organized by local clergy as a way to publicly denounce the KKK and the racist flyers they have been leaving on doorsteps of homes in the Leesburg area.

We’re not even sure why she was invited given her outspoken support of Confederate symbols and the fact that she refused to march in the annual MLK parade this year.

Back to Monday’s event, where Comstock was running late because her crucial vote was needed to rename a post office. We should note that she has missed votes to name post offices in the past. She also once missed two legitimate votes in order to get her picture taken with Trump. For whatever reason, naming this particular post office was crucial, so she was late to arrive.

At the event itself, there was a small group of protesters, and Comstock obviously wanted nothing to do with them. Naturally, she tried to sneak through the back door. Sadly, there was nobody there to greet her other than two constituents armed with a camera phone, so she turned right around and hightailed it out of there.

She then drove around to the front of the building. Since she was running late, and there were protesters across the street, she decided to park in a disabled parking space. We think the Loudoun County GOP put this best when they publicly condemned this behavior.

“A van would have trouble opening a door. That’s why the white lines are there.”

Comstock's car parked on hashmarks in a disabled space

On her way into the synagogue she blew past another constituent whom she refused to address. This particular constituent was actually in Charlottesville protesting the Nazis. She was standing less than 15 ft. away from Heather Heyer when she was murdered by a Nazi.

Next up was Comstock’s speech where she:

  • Failed to remember the name of the historic 16th St. Baptist Church
  • Blamed both “the left and the right” for the rise in anti-Semitic crime
  • Talked about the “face of Jesus, the face of God” while inside a synagogue
  • Falsely claimed that Senator Tim Scott is the grandson of slaves (his grandfather was born in 1922)

Comstock topped off the evening by blowing past another constituent on her way out.

After the event Comstock took the unusual step of not posting anything about it on social media.

It’s fair to say this event was an unmitigated disaster. Most likely Comstock just wanted to forget the whole thing ever happened. SAD!

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