Comstock's Fundraising Numbers are Down From Previous Cycle


There’s been a lot of sad news lately for Barbara Comstock who is widely considered to be one of the most vulnerable House Republicans. Last November, Ralph Northam won Comstock’s district by a whopping fourteen points.

The polling news hasn’t been any better for her. A PPP poll conducted last fall revealed a 32% approval rating for Comstock and also showed her losing to a generic Democratic challenger by 9 points.

The bad news for Rep. Comstock continues as her end of year FEC filing yesterday revealed a major drop in contributions and an even larger drop in cash on hand.

Rep. Comstock reported $489K in total contributions for Q4 of 2017 and finished the year with $1.2M cash on hand. This is down 9% from $535K in contributions and down 14% from $1.4M cash on hand in Q4 of 2015.

Meanwhile, Comstock’s top four Democratic challengers are raising money at unprecedented levels.

  • Alison Friedman: $361K with $687K on hand
  • Jennifer Wexton: $203K with $474K on hand
  • Lindsey Stover: $177K with $414K on hand
  • Dan Helmer: $154K with $483K on hand

The top four candidates, combined, have already raised $165K more than LuAnn Bennett raised in the entire 2016 cycle - with another full year to go.

If you’re interested in learning more we have the whole thing broken down in an online spreadsheet that has been populated using the numbers from the latest FEC reports.

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