Comstock Filings Reveal Hidden Right Wing Donor Network

Comstock Filings Reveal Hidden Right Wing Donor Network

The Washington Post endorsed Barbara Comstock in 2016 making a big point of how:

“The word ‘Republican’ is absent from her campaign website; the word ‘bipartisan’ appears throughout.”

Comstock has worked hard to conceal the support she gets from hard-right conservatives, while producing moderate-sounding photo-ops and tweets to deceive the press and her constituents.

But Federal Election Commission records don’t lie, and they don’t disappear:

Barbara Comstock receives major financial support from hard-right thinkers, leaders, and enablers.

She conceals or understates their affiliation in some cases, skirting the intent of the disclosure law by listing certain donors as having no occupation, or simply listing them as “housewife” or “retired.” For example:

Conservative donors

Comstock’s FEC filings include other conservative stalwarts listed under less disingenuous titles:

Comstock is a conservative wolf who dresses as a moderate politician in order to fool the press. For those unable or willing to see this, we’ll paraphrase a Japanese proverb for you to consider:

When the character of a woman is not clear to you, look at her friends.

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