New Comstock Excuse for Avoiding Town Halls

New Comstock Excuse for Avoiding Town Halls

The Washington Post recently published a story about Comstock’s refusal to hold a town hall. The story also makes a brief mention of the GOP’s failed attempt to discredit Jennifer Wexton, who unlike Comstock, has no problems with holding multiple town halls per year.

The story includes the usual Comstock line about why she has never held a town hall.

“Comstock has said that she finds meeting with constituents on their turf or in small groups more productive than public town hall meetings.”

We get it. Barbara Comstock would prefer not to do a town hall. But why does it matter what Barbara Comstock prefers? Isn’t she supposed to be working for us? At some point, shouldn’t the overwhelming majority of her district have some say in the matter?

The Post article then goes on to cite a brand new reason for Barbara Comstock not to hold a town hall, she is afraid for her safety. Of course, Comstock won’t say that herself, she leaves that to Virginia GOP Chairman John Whitbeck.

“I’d be concerned for her safety at a town hall”

Keep in mind that Barbara Comstock has never held a single town hall. So if she really is concerned for safety, she’s been keeping that concern a secret for a long time now.

More to the point, Barbara Comstock herself made a rare TV appearance recently after the Scalise shooting. In that appearance Comstock answers a direct question about whether she feels safe and she responds:

“I do feel very secure.”

As Comstock told us in her own words, she doesn’t have any personal safety concerns. Neither do the other 138 Members of Congress that held a town hall this August. Comstock isn’t afraid of violence at a town hall, she is afraid of going off script and facing angry constituents.

And that makes her a coward.

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