Comstock Says Anti-Semitism Comes from the Left and the Right (VIDEO)

Comstock Says Anti-Semitism Comes from the Left and the Right (VIDEO)

We reported earlier that a Barbara Comstock photo op went completely off the rails last week in Leesburg, VA. Now we have the video so you can see for yourself.

In her speech Barbara Comstock committed an astounding four gaffes in a twelve minute time period. In other words, one blunder every three minutes!

Blunder #1: Cannot remember the name of the 16th St. Baptist Church

Comstock spent a good deal of the speech talking about a civil rights tour that she took with other members of Congress. The only problem was that she couldn’t remember the name of the very inspirational place that she had visited.

Watch as she awkwardly filibusters until she can find the name of the church in her notes.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this meeting was to denounce racist KKK flyers that were being distributed in Leesburg. Comstock’s message seems to be “Hey it could be worse. At least no churches were bombed.”

Blunder #2: Blames Anti-Semitic Crimes on the Left and the Right

Comstock also took a page out of Trump’s “both sides” book and blamed the rise in anti-Semitism on “the left and the right.”

Blunder #3: Proclaims Jesus as God While in a Synagogue

Comstock and the Virginia GOP have always been insensitive towards those of the Jewish faith. Whether it’s the GOP chairman telling anti-Semitic jokes or Barbara Comstock scheduling a fake town hall during Rosh Hashanah, she hasn’t exactly been inclusive.

In this clip Comstock discusses the “the face of Jesus, the face of God” while standing on the bema inside a Jewish synagogue. Not quite the unifying message that is called for at an interfaith meeting with Jewish and Muslim clergy.

Blunder #4: Says Tim Scott’s Grandfather was a Slave

Finally, we close with Comstock talking about Senator Tim Scott. Comstock closed out her speech by claiming that Senator Tim Scott’s grandfather was a slave. A truly inspiring story of a slave, who was born in 1922, who then grew up to eventually vote for Obama.

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