Comstock's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week


Barbara Comstock was having a hard enough time already with polls showing her losing badly and her fundraising lagging behind the last cycle. The Parkland shooting has placed new focus on Barbara Comstock’s pro-NRA record and the last five days have been absolutely brutal for her.

The day after the Parkland shooting Comstock’s Sterling office was inundated with concerned constituents.

Constituents pleaded with her to do something - anything - to stop the killing.

Later that same day there was a large protest in front of her office during rush hour.

Meanwhile thousands of people also watched a video we recorded with Comstock last fall.

In that video, Comstock lied to a constituent and claimed she never voted to give greater firearm access to the mentally ill. Her voting record speaks for itself.

On Friday there was another large protest outside the NRA headquarters in Virginia. Dump Comstock signs were featured prominently on both local and national news.

On Saturday, hundreds of constituents came out in the middle of a snowstorm in Winchester, VA to attend a candidate forum featuring seven of the Democrats running against Barbara Comstock.

One of her opponents, State Senator Jennifer Wexton, announced that she would be holding three town halls in a single week. Comstock has never held a single in-person town hall in her more than three years in Congress.

On Monday, a local Swing Left chapter raised several thousand dollars for the eventual Democratic nominee.

On Tuesday we learned that a national grassroots group has decided to put up a new billboard targeting Barbara Comstock. The billboard will go up on March 10 near Winchester, VA and will stay up through the election in November.

NRA-Comstock Billboard

That’s a brutal set of developments in just five days! We’re also getting more confidential tips of Barbara Comstock’s location for upcoming events.

We’ve heard through friends of her staff, that the morale in Comstock’s office is terrible. We’ve got her on the run now and it’s only going to get worse for her between now and November.

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