Conservatives Now in Open Revolt Against Comstock

Conservatives Now in Open Revolt Against Comstock

As we first reported last week, Barbara Comstock has drawn a primary challenger. Shak Hill has strong tea party credentials and he will definitely give her real trouble attacking her from the right. It’s not out of the question that she could lose to him in next year’s primary.

Conservatives have been disillusioned with Comstock for a while now. Last year, conservative John Fredericks was openly slamming Barbara Comstock on his radio show. He stopped only because Comstock’s good friend Kellyanne Conway called him and told him to knock it off.

“You’re dissing Barbara Comstock on the radio and on social media. That’s not helpful. I need you to stop.”

Other media outlets such as Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, have also been critical of Comstock this year. Apparently they object to even symbolic opposition to Trump.

“Instead of trying to find common ground with her party’s president, she’s opposed him every chance she gets.”

What started as a few isolated complaints has now escalated into a full out open rebellion against the so-called “Queen of the Never Trump Movement”:

Last week, the conservative publication The Bull Elephant, found themselves wondering out loud “Is she a Republican?”

“These recent legislative positions should give constituents pause. Barbara Comstock has aligned herself clearly with Democrats.”

Fredericks isn’t the only conservative radio host who is fed up with Comstock. Conservative commentator Mark Levin has long since written Comstock off.

“My own congressperson (Barbara Comstock) has completely lurched left. It is completely amazing. I’ve known this person for decades. It’s not that she is a moderate, she is gone [liberal]. It is amazing what happens when people get power.”

Also last week, Shak Hill appeared on John Fredericks show to issue some of the harshest conservative criticism of Comstock yet.

“Barbara is a creature of the swamp and she votes like a drunken Democrat.”

For more Comstock bashing from the right check out the full audio from the interview below:

Comstock certainly has her hands full. She’ll be dealing with all of this while also struggling to reverse the slide in her fundraising totals which were down a whopping 36% from the comparable quarter last cycle.

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