This 'Constituent' Actually Works for Comstock


We recently caught “I’m ever present in my district” Comstock on one of her many trips outside of her district. If you haven’t seen the video yet, please take a moment to watch as Comstock, who prefers to have one on one conversations instead of town halls, completely avoids such a conversation with one of her constituents.

One of the interesting parts of this video is when the woman pleads with Comstock that she’s a constituent. Comstock gestures to the well-dressed man in the elevator behind her and explains that she’s “here with constituents today.”

Comstock specializes in misleading answers that are technically not lies - but the intent is clearly to deceive. In this case the constituent that she is referring to is also a paid staffer who is employed as her Press Assistant.

Comstock press assistant

By this standard Comstock can go anywhere in the world (say Egypt) with her Press Assistant and technically she’d be correct when she says she is seeing “constituents.” SAD!

Coming up next we’ll look at Comstock’s claim that she is “ever present” in her district.

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