Cowardly Comstock a No Show in South Riding

Cowardly Comstock a No Show in South Riding

It’s well known by now that Barbara Comstock has never held a town hall. She claims that she prefers to hold individual meetings, but in the rare cases where she schedules them, they end up getting cancelled. So if you want to talk to Barbara Comstock, you will have to rely on confidential tips to alert you to her whereabouts.

Fortunately the Dump Comstock team gets very reliable information on Comstock’s itinerary. We had just such a tip last night that she was planning to attend an event in South Riding.

When we showed up, the place was crawling with Subba Kolla volunteers. Then the Comstock advance team showed up, including people we’ve’ seen at previous unannounced appearances. Her team then spotted some of our members waiting to talk with her, and they began making a series of nervous phone calls.

Comstock’s team circled the venue watching our team members as they waited nervously to see if we would leave. When it became clear to that our team was prepared to wait as long as it took to talk with the Congresswoman, they pulled the plug and everybody left. Sad!

Barbara Comstock would rather embarrass herself and disappoint her supporters than answer questions from a constituent who disagrees with her. She’s a coward. That’s why she will never agree to hold an in person town hall.

It’s not the first time she has bailed at the last minute. Back in May she cancelled without notice on a scheduled speech at the Rotary Club when she realized that we might be there. The Rotary Club even tried to cover for her by changing the scheduled speaker on the website after she failed to show up.

It looks like Comstock plans on trying to avoid any constituent interactions between now and next November. Unfortunately for her we are under no obligation to accommodate her.

If you know of an upcoming Barbara Comstock appearance, send your confidential tip to [email protected]

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