Cowardly Comstock Co-Sponsors Gun Silencer Law

Cowardly Comstock Co-Sponsors Gun Silencer Law

Barbara Comstock likes to wait until the last moment before adding her name to a controversial bill or voting on a controversial issue.

Some of her constituents call it “comstocking.” Others call it cowardice.

Comstock did it again on Sept. 6, when she added her name to a highly controversial bill that makes it easier to buy gun silencers.

The gun silencer bill was introduced in January 2017 by Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina and it immediately attracted a large number of Republican co-sponsors. Seems like a safe bet for someone with an “A” rating from the NRA, right?

Well, Barbara Comstock waited nine months, and then tried to hide her support.

Most of the other co-sponsors joined up just a few days after Duncan proposed the gun silencer bill.

Cowardly Comstock waited until the media was distracted by Trump, two hurricanes, the Equifax data breach, and a North Korean nuclear test.

It’s like her vote on Trumpcare and the ACA. She waited until the last moment, didn’t tell anyone what she was planning to do, and then went into hiding.

That’s why they call her Cowardly Comstock.

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