Comstock Opponents Sign Accountability Pledge

Comstock Opponents Sign Accountability Pledge

Today Dump Comstock is announcing that all of the declared challengers against Barbara Comstock have signed a grassroots “Accountability Pledge”. All eight declared Democratic candidates have signed the pledge, as well as the sole GOP challenger, Shak Hill.

Regardless of political party, all of Comstock’s challengers agree that voters deserve a representative who is both accessible and accountable.

Candidates signing the pledge promise to:

  • Hold three town halls each year
  • Articulate positions on key issues before voting
  • Not block constituents on social media
  • Remain open to opposing viewpoints

On the town hall issue, Representative Comstock has steadfastly refused to hold a single in person town hall in the 948 days since she was first elected to Congress in 2014. All three major local newspapers have published editorials this year calling on her to hold an in person town hall:

Comstock’s refusal to hold a town hall is now harming her politically. Last week, the Global Strategy Group announced the results of a poll of VA-10 residents that it conducted during the month of July. The results showed overwhelming bipartisan demand for Rep. Comstock to hold an in person town hall:

  • 71% of all respondents say she should hold a town hall this summer
  • 68% of Republicans
  • 72% of Independents

Rep. Comstock was offered a chance to sign the pledge but her office did not respond to our requests.

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