Did Comstock Kill a Critical Washington Times Story?

Did Comstock Kill a Critical Washington Times Story?

Last Wednesday, the Washington Times ran a story critical of Barbara Comstock which was then mysteriously pulled shortly after it was published.

The article can be summarized as scathing opinion piece in which the author calls out Barbara Comstock for grandstanding on the issue of sexual harassment.

Really? Where was your voice when this slush fund was going on?  Where were her press conferences and media appearances before this scandal broke?  When did she go to the House Leadership and say, “This must stop?”

The piece discusses the unsettling and unanswered questions that remain surrounding the more than $15 million paid out of a secret hush fund.

There are two possibilities here and neither of them are good for Comstock. Either she knew about the slush fund and ongoing harassment and did nothing or she did not know, despite being on the committee that has jurisdiction over that fund.

The author saves the best criticism for last concluding:

Comstock’s Facebook page is loaded with pictures of her at dinners and out at photo ops. If she did not know this was going on, then she needs to spend less time having her photo taken and more time on her job.

Comstock’s lackeys were busy last week fending off criticism about the so-called “shush” fund. It appears that they were even successful in getting the “newspaper” to pull the story critical of Comstock.

story no longer available

We’ll have plenty more for you on Comstock’s shameful hypocricy in the coming days. Meanwhile, feel free to read an archived copy of the story here on our site.

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