Donors Paying for Comstock's Elite Lifestyle

Donors Paying for Comstock

Donors provide campaign money in exchange for political favors and votes. As long as the politicians deliver their end of the bargain, the donors don’t care how the campaign money is spent. They get it back from voters anyway, in the form of tax breaks, government contracts, and higher prices.

That’s why the swamp is so deep in Washington.

Rep. Barbara Comstock (VA10) is a perfect example.

Barbara Comstock has developed a taste for fine wine and restaurants. She also has access to almost unlimited campaign funding. Check out our previous coverage to learn more about where the money comes from:

Her donors enable Comstock to spend thousands of dollars at the best area restaurants. She votes how she is told, and the campaign money keeps coming.

She prefers European cuisine, especially French dining.

Barbara’s Favorite Restaurants, (and How Much She Spends)

Source: Comstock FEC filings

Comstock’s hard-working constituents don’t have millions in campaign funding. They pack their kids’ lunches and treat their families to an occasional dinner out.

Meanwhile, Barbara Comstock is living the dream.

So, the next time Comstock sends you a fund-raising letter like this one, go right ahead.

“And if you can afford a larger gift of $250, $500 or even $2,700 (the maximum amount), I’d be grateful for your sacrifice. “

Otherwise, Comstock might miss that new French restaurant opening on K Street next month.

And that would be a real sacrifice.

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