Dump Comstock Team Braves the Cold in Manassas, VA

Dump Comstock Team Braves the Cold in Manassas, VA

Yesterday we held our first official event in Manassas, VA. We had over thirty five people turn out despite the chilly twenty degree temperature. We handed out missing person flyers and talked to voters about Comstock’s dismal voting record.

This was a big test for our organization and we were interested to learn how voters would respond to discussion about Barbara Comstock nearly two years before the election. It was amusing to see voters instinctively recoil in horror when they saw Comstock’s picture. We learned quickly to modify our pitch to make it clear that we opposed Comstock before we showed it to them.

The majority of voters we spoke to were quite happy to see us out there. They didn’t mind stopping to talk with us even though it was cold and they were trying to get a good spot at the parade. We even got close to a hundred people to sign up for our mailing list.

Most of our volunteers had never participated in a canvas event before. Many of them were from outside the district but there was also good representation from within Comstock’s district. We hope to replicate this same type of grassroots cooperation that worked so well in the recent special election in Delaware.

The highlight of the day was when one of our volunteers spotted Barbara Comstock herself at the event. She made a hasty retreat when she observed a few of us waiting for her near the parade stand. If you have subscribed to our YouTube channel then you’ve probably already seen the video of her running away as she is being asked questions (SAD!)

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