Take Back the Tenth PAC Posts FEC Report

Take Back the Tenth PAC Posts FEC Report

Raising and spending money related to federal elections is regulated by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). As we have explained in the past, some members of Dump Comstock have also formed a “Super PAC” called Take Back the Tenth. The PAC exists to accept donations and fund Dump Comstock’s activities. It is run exclusively by residents living in Barbara Comstock’s district, and the PAC controls how the money is spent.

The PAC is filing it’s paperwork with the FEC today so we thought this would be a good time to explain the details of the finances. Some of this information is available in the FEC report, but we’re also including additional information that is not included in the report in order to have maximum transparency with our members and the PAC’s donors.

The period covered by the report is for January 1 - June 30 of this year, but it should be noted that the PAC was not formed until March, receiving it’s first contribution in that month.

Contribution Highlights

  • $13,869 in contributions
  • $7,179 in expenditures
  • 266 unique donors
  • Average contribution of $52

During the reporting period, the PAC received $13,869 in total contributions. $7,019 of that came from people giving less than $200. $4,850 of the receipts came from a total of four contributors giving $200 or more. Each of these large contributors lives in VA-10.

The PAC also received a $2,000 contribution from Planned Parenthood Votes. The PAC solicited this contribution in order to help fund the initial mobile billboard launch and additional future events with the mobile billboard.

Expenditures (Highlights)

  • $1,500 for Billboard in Winchester (includes image license)
  • $1,800 for the Mobile Billboard (with more events to come!)
  • $1,500 for T-Shirts (available for purchase next week)
  • $200 for Balloons
  • $1,000 for Yard Signs
  • $500 for Stickers and Buttons

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