Comstock's Plan to Eliminate the Debt


On Tuesday Barbara Comstock held another one of her conference calls, during which she said some incredibly stupid things. One of the reasons Comstock likes this format is that she can’t be asked anything hard. For instance, today we learned that the first question was conveniently asked by a local Republican operative! Despite the large number of easy questions, Comstock still managed to screw things up.

A caller then asked Comstock about about increased infrastructure and military spending. He said these things sounded all well and good but he wanted to know:

“How are we going to pay for this? What is the plan?”

Comstock started off with the standard Republican nonsense of “we’ll grow our way out of this!” Never mind the fact that there is no correlation between tax cuts and job growth or investment growth or really growth of any kind other than growth in the deficit. Now your average Republican would just leave it at “tax cuts good” and move on but Comstock was not quite finished with her answer.

“If we can get better treatments and cures for diabetes we will save tens and hundreds of billions of dollars.”

This is a monumentally stupid thing to say - even by Barbara Comstock standards. Let’s take a minute to examine just how nonsensical her plan is. Remember that the original question was about how do we reduce the debt.

Here’s the Comstock Plan:

  1. Spend on infrastructure (Cost $500 billion to $1 trillion)
  2. Increase military spending (Cost $500 billion to $1 trillion)
  3. Cut taxes (Cost $9.5 trillion)
  4. Cure diabetes (Saves “tens and hundreds of billions of dollars”)

Let’s suppose that Barbara Comstock already has a secret cure for diabetes. Let’s suppose further that it saves us “hundreds of billions of dollars” which is at the high end of the range she gave. That still leaves us a little bit short of the $11.5 trillion dollars that Trump’s plans will cost us.

If this is a typical example of the kinds of “thoughts” that are going on in Barbara Comstock’s head, maybe it’s best that she continue to avoid town halls in order to avoid further embarrassment.

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