Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the purpose of Dump Comstock?

We are a group dedicated to the sole purpose of defeating Barbara Comstock on November 6, 2018 and replacing her with someone who reflects the values of the VA-10.

What are we working on?

  1. Focusing attention on how Barbara Comstock is “representing” her district
  2. Supporting the numerous groups within Virginia’s 10th Congressional district (VA-10)
  3. Engaging in political activities to help elect Comstock’s eventual replacement

What are we not working on?

The following is a list of activities that we’re not focused on. We want to be clear that we feel all of these activities are super important. We feel, however, that they are already being done well by other groups. Feel free to join one of those groups to get more involved in those activities.

  1. Taking the lead on organizing events that involve confronting Comstock (happy to support if asked)
  2. Contacting Comstock’s staff
  3. Other Virginia races (Governor, House of Delegates, etc.)
  4. Working closely with the Democratic Party

All of these are worthwhile activities and we have members that do them as well - just not as part of this group.

Who can join?

Barbara Comstock is a puppet of the Trump regime. Her support of his extreme agenda undermines the America that we all know and love. Anyone who loves America and would like to see Barbara Comstock defeated is welcome to join.

Can I help even if I don’t live in Comstock’s district?

Yes. Most of our members live in the VA-10 but a large portion of our members also live nearby in VA-8 and VA-9. We even have a few members who live in DC and Maryland. If you do not live in the VA-10 we ask that you refrain from the following activities that should be reserved only for her constituents:

  1. Calling or faxing Comstock’s office directly
  2. Attending conference calls with her office (there are limited spaces)
  3. Speaking at a Town Hall event (if she ever has one)
  4. Submitting information requests, etc. to her website

Everything else we do is fair game!

How do I get involved?

We’ve got a webpage that explains how to get involved. Just sign up and tell us a little about yourself and what you might like to do. You’ll get an automatic email back from us with all of the details you need to get started.

Are you affiliated with the Democratic Party?

No. In fact, many of our members are Republicans and Independents. Many of them also voted for Comstock in the hopes that should be a sensible moderate as she promised in her campaign.

Are you affiliated with anyone who is running or planning on running against her?


Aren’t you just a bunch of paid anarchists?


Who is running against Comstock?

Several candidates have already announced. More are expected.

Are we going to be involved in canvassing?

Yes. We usually have several events scheduled. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Are we going to be involved in phone banking?


Are we going to be involved in voter registration?


Why can’t I post stories on the Facebook group

Our goal is to provide information to people in a manageable way. Not everyone on Facebook enjoys “drinking from the firehose” of constant information. There are lots of groups on Facebook that do that. We want to be a place that people check in daily to find out what’s going on without being overwhelmed.

We’ll be upgrading our website soon so that people can use it to find all of the latest stories, events and information. We’re in contact with the various groups and working to pull all of this information together in a more organized way. We’ll also be establishing a way for anyone in the group to share information with us for consideration of a post.

What type of organization is Dump Comstock?

Dump Comstock is an all volunteer grassroots organization. Raising and spending money related to federal elections is tightly regulated by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Some members of Dump Comstock have also set up a Super PAC called Take Back the Tenth. The Super PAC exists to accept donations which are needed to fund Dump Comstock activities.

Is any money used to support candidates?

No. Take Back the Tenth does not support individual candidates. You donation will be used exclusively for activities related to opposing Barbara Comstock.

Are you part of the Indivisible Organization?

No. There are plenty of chapters in your local area if you’re interested - feel free to join one if you live in the VA-10. We are focused exclusively on replacing Comstock in the VA-10 seat but obviously there is a lot of overlap with us and the Indivisible people. We welcome anyone who wants to join our group and many of our members belong to both. See the Indivisible Guide to learn more.