Five year old detained in Comstock's district

Five year old detained in Comstock

Yesterday a five year old Iranian child was detained in Dulles Airport which is located in Barbara Comstock’s district. Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe rushed to the scene to speak out against the illegal ban and demand that travelers be released. While several politicians and hundreds of protestors converged on Dulles Airport yesterday, one person conspicuously missing from the airport was Barbara Comstock.

WJLA-7 news was on the scene and had this description of the terrified mother:

“[She] was pleading with the Governor to try and get him some help.”

Fortunately, he was eventually released late yesterday and reunited with his mother - no thanks to Barbara Comstock. Comstock finally issued a weak statement almost twenty four hours later on Twitter and Facebook. Still no word on her official website. It’s probably easier for her to delete social media posts once Paul Ryan reprimands her.

If Barbara Comstock does not support Trump’s ban on muslim immigration then she can help put an end to this very quickly. Call Barbara Comstock’s office and demand that she introduce legislation overturning Trump’s Executive Order.

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