Will Geary Higgins Challenge Comstock from the Right?

Will Geary Higgins Challenge Comstock from the Right?

Our regular readers know that we were in Lovettsville, VA two weekends ago, and that our presence at the May Fest was not entirely welcome by some local conservatives. While most Republicans we encountered were indifferent to us, one person who was definitely not happy to see us was Catoctin District Supervisor, Geary Higgins.

We figured that Higgins (pictured above) was looking extra grumpy because we were spoiling his carefully planned visit for the Queen of Photo Ops. It turns out there might be another reason for him to be so unhappy - he does not like Barbara Comstock.

Higgins is easily as conservative as Barbara Comstock, but unlike Comstock, he does not make any attempt to hide it. His campaign website proudly proclaims (in boldface):

Geary is Pro-Life and Pro-Family. He supports the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens and is a member of the NRA.

In other words, Higgins is an unabashed conservative who is quite a bit more outspoken about his extreme ideology than Barbara Comstock. According to sources, he was extremely upset about Comstock’s vote against the AHCA bill.

The theory is that even though Comstock actually supports ACA repeal (and voted for it several times), she should be a true conservative and vote her conscience instead of trying to win over moderate voters.

We have a well-connected (non Democratic) source telling us that Higgins is giving serious consideration to a primary challenge. People who are familiar with the politics in his district did not dismiss the idea as crazy.

Others have said that a more realistic challenger to Comstock would be Ron Meyer, who is an executive with the parent company of the conspiracy pedaling Washington Examiner and editor of the Red Alert Politics site.

We can see from Comstock’s own Twitter feed that despite her consistent support of Trump’s agenda, that’s not good enough for radical Trump supporters. For instance, on the AHCA vote, they want 100% loyalty even though the bill passed without her vote.

We know that Higgins is a huge Trump supporter even though he was careful not to comment publicly about Trump during his campaign. His zealous support for Trump is evident by the fact that he attended a Trump rally in Leesburg, VA and clearly felt comfortable posing with signs such as this one:

Higgins with Trump sign

We don’t know if there is any truth to these rumors. It could just be an attempt to embarrass Comstock or perhaps just wishful thinking on behalf of some conservative supporters. We do know, however, that Comstock has tried to carefully distance herself from Trump and his conservative agenda (despite voting for it), and that this positioning may cause her to lose support from the right.

We hear it from conservatives we talk to every weekend. They want to Dump Comstock but for a completely different reason than the rest of us. It’s unlikely these individuals will vote for a Democratic candidate, but not voting at all seems to be a distinct possibility.

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