Virginia GOP Chair Caught in Obvious Lie

Virginia GOP Chair Caught in Obvious Lie

Not satisfied with embarrassing his party just once this week, VA GOP Chair John Whitbeck was back at it again today on Twitter.

Whitbeck, was referring to this tweet by Andrew Bambrick.

According to his Twitter bio, he is a twenty year old, “who loves the lord and his family.” What he left out of his profile (and his tweet), is that he is also a GOP operative and “tracker.” He has followed Jennifer Wexton around at previous events with a video camera.

Andrew also failed to mention in his tweet that he tried to get into the venue thirty minutes before it started. He was never prevented from attending the town hall. Andrew was told to wait until the venue was ready (they were still setting up chairs). Guess he never learned the ninth commandment, “Thou shall not bear false witness.”

Wexton, along with the other Comstock challengers, has signed a pledge promising to be open to opposing viewpoints. This means that town halls should be open to all constituents, even those that might hold differing political views. There was actually a second tracker present, and that person followed the rules and had no problems. All of this was unnecessary since the entire event was broadcast on Facebook Live.

Why is a GOP operative, who seems to know Barbara Comstock, lying about being turned away from an event? Why is he failing to mention that he’s a paid operative? And why is John Whitbeck straight up lying on Twitter when such a thing could be so easily disproven?

This isn’t the first time that Whitbeck has tried to call us out without knowing the facts. Back in April he tried to say Comstock was totally not in hiding, only to end up completely embarrassing himself.


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