The Hill Scraps It's Ridiculous Most Beautiful List

The Hill Scraps It

Yesterday, The Hill announced it was no longer going to produce it’s annual “50 Most Beautiful” list. This was a long overdue step for a nonsensical feature that objectified members and their staff.

The Hill did not mention the reason for cancelling the annual feature but we suspect it has something to do with the massive backlash in Congress over recent allegations of sexual harassment and secret hush money payouts. Can you think of any modern workplace where the most attractive employees are asked to participate in a photo shoot and interview to be shared with not just the rest of the company, but also the general public?

Barbara Comstock doesn’t have to imagine it, because she was a willing participant in this fiasco in 2016.

If you read her interview in the 50 Most Beautiful you can learn her tips for staying fit.

Rep. Barbara Comstock says she doesn’t need an exercise routine — instead, she has three grandchildren.

And then there is the wine.

“I like the wineries; my husband likes the breweries,” she says with a grin.

Of course regular readers of Dump Comstock already know that she is obsessed with wine.

Comstock will no doubt defend her participation by saying this is light-hearted fun and it included men, but this misses the point. Women have been fighting for decades to be taken seriously in the workplace and to not be judged by their looks. The participation of a few clueless men does not make it ok.

The 50 Most Beautiful hasn’t always been so tame either. Previous issues described professional women using ridiculously over the top sexist language.

Back in 2009, the same year that male Senators were swimming naked in the Congressional swimming pool, you could have read about Bronwyn Chester

The statuesque brunette with flowing hair has something of a Southern lullaby voice.

It’s hard to imagine why Barbara Comstock would appear in a misguided tradition that sexualized a 21 year old female staffer.

The slim brunette with deep brown eyes admits she is competitive.

This shows incredibly poor judgement by someone who professes to be concerned about sexual harassment. Would you encourage your daughter to take a women’s leadership class taught by Barbara Comstock?

In the article announcing that The Hill was no longer producing the list there is also a video of CNN’s John King lamenting the “end of an era”. It certainly is the end of an era - an incredibly sexist and ridiculous one.

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