Local News Calls Out Comstock for Zero Town Halls [VIDEO]

Local News Calls Out Comstock for Zero Town Halls [VIDEO]

Residents from Comstock’s district gathered in Washington, D.C. yesterday to protest outside a fundraiser that Comstock was attending. Barbara Comstock has never held a town hall and her constituents even recently put up a billboard to call her out on it.

Once again, Comstock’s constituents had to take several hours out of their day (some traveling several hours) in another attempt to speak with their Congresswoman. Comstock apparently used a side entrance to once again avoid constituents. We can’t say we’re surprised. If she’s willing to jump into the middle of a parade in order to get away from them she’s definitely ok with sneaking in through the service entrance.

Local television news is also starting to get wise to Comstock’s ways. Fox 5 in DC has been trying to get Comstock to appear on their show and explain why she won’t have a town hall.

Needless to say, they never found Comstock nor did she issue a comment. They did, however, call Comstock out on her refusal to do a town hall and for failing to respond to their invitations for her to appear on their program:

Comstock is making a huge mistake not having a town hall. We’re out in the district every weekend talking to voters. The people we talk to aren’t activists. They are regular voters - many of whom voted for Comstock. Based on what we’re hearing she is going to pay the price for her arrogance on November 6, 2018.

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