The Loudoun GOP are a Bunch of Snowflakes

The Loudoun GOP are a Bunch of Snowflakes

Dump Comstock was at the Lovettsville May Fest on Saturday, where we met with voters and handed out Dump Comstock bumper stickers. In past elections Comstock has done well in this part of Loudoun County, but we are committed to taking her on in every corner of the district. The Dump Comstock booth was certainly very popular, and we seemed to have attracted more people than the neighboring Ed Gillespie tent did.

As luck would have it, Barbara Comstock also turned up. Since she ran away from us the first and second time we tried to talk with her, we figured we would try again. Comstock did her best to avoid us, but we managed to talk to her.

While talking to her, we were rudely interrupted by a Comstock supporter who hijacked the conversation, and thus enabled Comstock to scamper off. She then immediately walked over to the M.C. and asked him to start the egg race. The perfect excuse to not to talk with us further!

While waiting for Comstock to finish her “official duties”, we held up a few Dump Comstock signs in silent protest.

Image of Comstock photo bomb

The Loudoun GOP, however, refused to be silent in the face of this brazen act.

As you can see in this video below, Estrada is wildly exaggerating, and the egg race went off without a hitch. Nobody was bothered by this except for Comstock and the Loudoun GOP officials.

When we pointed this out to Estrada, he had a tantrum and threatened to tell on us to the Town Council.

First of all, at least one person from Lovettsville was in our group that day. Second, and more importantly, this is America and we’ll go wherever we want, and say whatever we damn well please.

Next, he complains that we’re not following the rules.

Unfortunately for Comstock and the Loudoun County GOP, the first amendment protects exactly this type of speech. Not even the mighty May Fest committee is allowed to interfere with our first amendment rights.

The irony is that just six days ago, the same people were bragging about how tough Comstock is, and how politics is a “contact sport”.

We’re looking forward to seeing the Loudoun GOP at the next event. They can try and block us, but they will lose in court. Better still, they will embarrass themselves (and Comstock) in the ensuing media coverage. Your move Loudoun GOP.

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