MS-13 Gang Recovers After Comstock Fumbles

MS-13 Gang Recovers After Comstock Fumbles

A lightbulb moment! Rep. Comstock has just discovered that deadly street gang MS-13 is making a comeback!

Former Rep. Frank Wolf poured millions into successful anti-gang programs that suppressed MS-13 a decade ago. Unfortunately the budget for the task force was decimated by Republican spending cuts back in 2012.

What did Rep. Comstock do about MS-13 after she replaced Wolf?

Nothing. She was completely silent.

Check Comstock’s Twitter feed and you’ll find nothing about MS-13 until May 2017. Check the Congressional Record and you’ll find nothing but a brief statement from Comstock honoring Frank Wolf for his leadership on the issue.

Now MS-13 is in the news again. Local station WTOP raised the alarm.

“We have seen a resurgence of MS-13 in the past four or five years,” said an FBI agent.

Faced with unhappy voters, Comstock is suddenly firing off tweets and sponsoring a bill to restore some funding to the anti-gang effort, She wants to distract attention from her fumble.

We’re happy that Rep. Comstock has finally seen the light: MS-13 is a threat and our police need more resources.

But let’s be crystal clear about one thing. After replacing Wolf in 2014, Rep. Comstock chose to spend her time on restaurant and middle school photo-ops rather than on real issues like MS-13. Sure, she takes photos with our local police, but then she failed to deliver the resources they need.

She dropped the ball. Comstock is now scrambling to recover her own fumble.

Maybe it’s time to replace her with a better player.

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