Alleged Anti-Muslim Facebiter May Have Worked for Comstock

Alleged Anti-Muslim Facebiter May Have Worked for Comstock

Early this morning we woke to the news that Robin McGreer was arrested and charged with an anti-Muslim hate crime. According to the Washington Post report, police say the McLean man approached the victim, started a conversation that turned into anti-Muslim slurs, and then bit the victim in the face in the ensuing altercation.

This is an extremely disturbing story but not entirely surprising given the rise in hate crimes following Trump’s White Nationalist inspired Presidential run. What we were not expecting, however, was to learn that Robin McGreer apparently worked for Barbara Comstock back in 2013.

According to Virginia Campaign Finance Reports she paid him $1,800 on 11/13/2013. You can find his name right there on the report along with a few members of the Comstock family that were also paid using campaign funds. We dug a little further and discovered that her campaign committees paid him a total of $6,282 during 2013.

Are we sure it’s the same person? We were able to verify there is a thirty five year old by that name living at the address listed on Comstock’s expense report. So we’re pretty sure it’s the same guy. We’d love for Comstock’s office to help clear that up for us if we got it wrong.

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