Outsiders Pour Money into Comstock's Campaign

Outsiders Pour Money into Comstock

The Republican Party of Virginia complains that outsiders are helping 10th District voters exercise their First Amendment right to request a town hall meeting with the elusive Rep. Barbara Comstock, a hard-right supporter of Donald Trump.

The GOP’s complaint is ironic, if not hypocritical, since Barbara Comstock has herself benefited yugely from a wave of outside conservative financial support.

She can hide from her constituents, but thanks to the Federal Election Commission’s open database, she can’t hide the key role outsiders have played in financing her congressional campaigns.

Total itemized individual contributions to Comstock in 2015-2016 were $2,466,120. Of that amount, $839,235 (about 29%) came from donors outside of Virginia, including:

  • New York $145,970
  • Maryland $98,900
  • Texas $62,910
  • California $59,000
  • Florida $51,360

Her outside donors include Texas conservatives like Randy DeLay, brother of disgraced Congressman Tom Delay, and D.H. Hunt of the famous Hunt oil clan.

Comstock accepted donations from both men last year, despite the fact that their interests are not even remotely aligned with the needs of her 10th District constituents.

We have already highlighted part of Comstock’s hidden right-wing donor network in an earlier article. Outside donors in that group include:

  • Sheldon Adelson (Nevada), an arch-conservative billionaire
  • Betsy DeVos (Michigan), current Secretary of Education
  • Brian Henneberry (Maryland), a Koch lobbyist
  • Alice M Starr (Texas), the wife of Clinton nemesis Ken Starr
  • Karl Rove (Texas), an arch-conservative political operative

In 2014, Comstock even accepted money from her childhood friend, New Jersey’s own Kellyanne Conway, who has achieved immortality with her invention of the term “alternative facts.” In the same year, Barbara Comstock accepted money from Donald Trump, although she later donated that money to a charity once it became politically impossible for her to keep it. She still supports him, remaining silent in the face of his outrageous pronouncements and maintaining an almost perfect pro-Trump voting record.

Barbara Comstock is a transplanted Yankee and former Democrat operating in Virginia. The majority of her individual contributions (62%) come from outside her district - and that’s not even counting the obscene amount of PAC money she raises. Barbara Comstock is the last person who should be complaining about outside influence.

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