Poor Barbara Comstock Can't Catch a Break

Poor Barbara Comstock Can

Poor Barbara Comstock can’t seem to catch a break. She started the weekend having to bum a ride from a lobbyist and things only got worse from there on out.

On Saturday there was standing room only for a parent organized town hall on gun safety. The parents had to organize it themselves since Barbara “thoughts and prayers” Comstock has not held a single town hall in over three years of “serving” in Congress.

The first thing to go wrong was that Comstock’s old friends from Gays Against Guns turned up. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but we all know Comstock is notoriously thin-skinned and can’t take a joke. So having this image broadcast on live national television must have enraged her.

Men in drag dressed as Barbara Comstock

Next up, more national media attention focusing on Barbara Comstock’s complete lack of accountability.

Back to MSNBC where the reporter made sure to point out that Comstock was nowhere in sight.

“One individual who did not show up is Barbara Comstock, the Republican who has represented this district since she was elected in 2014.”

And after delving into a brief history on some of her NRA campaign contributions the reporter reminds the national audience once again that Barbara Comstock is a coward.

“Certainly the Republican here, Barbara Comstock, that represents this district, a no show today.”

Next up, Comstock suffers another embarrassment, this time at the hands of her Republican challenger Shak Hill. Naturally, she is too much of a coward to face her opponent, so she is refusing to debate him.

Comstock narrowly won the poll by six points despite her desperate attempts to rig it by bringing a bunch of lobbyists and out of state friends to stack things in her favor.

Comstock won the poll by only 24 votes, yet Shak Hill’s team counted 17 cars with DC license plates in the parking lot. There were also 24 participants who voted in the VA-10 straw poll that did not vote in the Senate contest. Very suspicious.

None of this stopped Comstock from bragging about her “victory” on Twitter.

If Comstock thinks that hiding from voters and rigging straw polls is going to cut it this November, she’s sadly mistaken.

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