Both Ways

  • Commentary Open Forum: Principle Did Comstock lose it, or did she ever have it?

    Lately, many would agree with the editor about Comstock’s lack of adherence to principle. After originally criticizing Obamacare, then voting to preserve it, Comstock dropped all pretense of principle, executed a double flip-flop and voted to gut Obamacare in the tax bill.
  • Can't Republicans at least pretend they're appalled by Roy Moore?

    Let me suggest that these lawmakers, despite their aversion to Moore, sound altogether too complacent, too passive and too resigned to participation in a party whose president bragged about sexual assault and now welcomes in an alleged sexual predator. It’s not enough to be bothered or to point to some Republicans who deplore Moore. Is this or is this not a deal-breaker for them and their party?
  • Cowardly Comstock Can't Decide on Horrible Tax Bill

    Comstock originally voted against the budget resolution but that was a month ago - things were different back then.
  • Comstock votes against House budget resolution

    Passing a budget has been called a first step in enacting tax reform — a legislative priority for a Congress and White House with no signature legislative achievements.
  • Comstock calls for bipartisan effort on health care

    Comstock’s “no” vote came despite a history of campaigning against “Obamacare,” in bids for both Congress and the state House of Delegates. The reason, she said at the time, was a lack of protections for people with pre-existing conditions and other “uncertainties.”
  • Comstock "Supports" HR 1725

  • Comstock Has the Last Laugh

    Comstock may have voted 'no' today but the joke is on you because she has already voted 'yes'
  • Comstock Trying to Have it Both Ways on Trump's Tax Returns

    Comstock asks nicely for Trump's tax returns even though she voted against a measure that would force Congress to demand them.