• The LGBTQ community came out in force to support the March for Our Lives

    “Tell the NRA to sashay away, take a walk on our runway!” called Brendan Wright, 25, a Gays Against Guns volunteer who was dressed as U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), who has become infamous for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NRA.
  • Comstock's Horrible Track Record on Equality

    Comstock thinks we're all created equal but only certain people can get married and adopt children.
  • Republican lawmakers only pretend to care

    It’s time to call out and defeat those Republicans who pretend to really care about anyone other than rich white straight people. For too long we have given them a pass if they just speak out against the worst rhetoric and actions of the far right. Speaking out isn’t enough when their actions don’t match the moderate records they try to convince us they have.
  • Two House Republicans favor a ban on LGBT discrimination. One is from Virginia.

    The Equality Act is unlikely to go to a floor vote in the GOP-controlled House because Republican leadership would be reluctant to force lawmakers vulnerable to challenges from the right to go on record on an issue that animates social conservatives.
  • Rep. Barbara Comstock votes for the taxpayers to continue paying for transgender surgery

    Why did Republican Barbara Comstock vote to continue these surgeries for our military? I would suggest you ask her since no one else can fathom why she would do this.