Opposition Research

  • Virginia GOP Primaries Overwhelmed by Personal Attacks, Candidates Say

    Conservative online publications sympathetic to vulnerable GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock roasted her lone primary challenger, financial planner Shak Hill, after someone else posted stories about penis enlargement and other sexual topics on a blog Hill runs for his book publishing site that provides wealth management advice.
  • A race to watch: In D.C. suburbs, a House Republican tries to tiptoe away from Trump

    Comstock faces a tough reelection fight. The 58-year-old Republican is considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the country. Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, crushed Republican Ed Gillespie last fall and won Comstock’s 10th Congressional District by 13 points.
  • Chief Investigator Tired of Investigating Things

    After more than a decade obsessing over matters such as Travelgate, Benghazi and Clinton's email server, Comstock has suddenly lost interest in investigating things.
  • For Barbara Comstock of Virginia, a Switch From Left to Right

    Ms. Comstock, a freshman member of the House from Virginia’s 10th District, did not simply switch sides; she eventually became one of the Republican Party’s fiercest partisans.
  • Among the Hillary Haters

    There may be no one who better understands just what a delicate balancing act Clinton disdain can entail than Barbara Comstock. In the 1990s, as a 30-something Republican congressional staffer, Comstock made a name for herself as one of the most dogged investigators of that era’s Clinton scandals.
  • Oppo’d Out: Ex-GOP Attack Dog Becomes Rising Star

    Comstock admitted that the Clinton scandals were consuming her to 'to the unfortunate point that she was ignoring the needs of her family.'
  • Playing Dirty

    Comstock combined a prosecutor's mentality with an investigator's ability to hunt through public records and other potentially incriminating documents. More important, she and her team understood how to use opposition research in the service of a larger goal: not simply to embarrass Gore with hard-to-explain votes or awkward statements but to craft over the course of the campaign a negative "storyline" about him that would eventually take hold in the public mind.