• Low Energy Comstock Cancels Rally

    Comstock is in for a very long campaign season if all she can do is talk about tax cuts for the wealthy and run away from protesters.
  • Suburban voters angry with Trump threaten GOP’s grip on House

    The deduction is also claimed on about 52 percent of tax returns in the vulnerable Northern Virginia district of Rep. Barbara Comstock (R), according to the Tax Policy Center.
  • Schapiro: Coattails? Now it's Kaine's turn

    Since then, she’s been more accommodating of Trump, backing him on the big federal tax cut that could hurt Northern Virginians, denying them a prized deduction for their highly taxed houses.
  • John Fredericks Interview: Shutdown, Medicaid Expansion and Metro

  • John Fredericks Interview: Russia, Metro and Taxes

  • Comstock Thinks We are Morons

    Either Barbara Comstock thinks we are complete fools or she is a complete fool herself.
  • GOP-aligned group to spend $1.5 million on ads promoting tax cuts

    The ads will air for two weeks in the districts of 20 Republican representatives who voted for the bill and are facing particularly difficult re-elections, such as Florida's Carlos Curbelo and Virginia's Barbara Comstock.
  • Comstock Says the Rich are Still Paying Too Much in Taxes

    Trump cut the top marginal rate from 39.6% to 37% but Comstock thinks it should be cut all the way to 33%.
  • John Fredericks Interview

  • Comstock Struggles to Justify Her Awful Tax Vote

    Next November, Barbara Comstock will be the one crying on stage while the voters of Virginia have the last laugh.
  • Comstock Again Votes Yes on Republican Tax Plan

    The previous version Comstock supported had raised concerns across Loudoun and the Northern Virginia region for its impacts on local taxpayers, particularly those who itemize their deductions.
  • Overhauling the tax code (conference committee version)

  • Comstock defends her support of the GOP tax bill

    The GOP-sponsored tax bill has been denounced by Democrats as a giveaway to the rich but Rep. Barbara Comstock, Northern Virginia’s lone Republican in Congress, plans to vote for the measure, which she said “cuts taxes for hardworking families and businesses and will help revitalize and create a healthy economy where American workers can compete and win.”
  • Comstock Under Siege for Her Tax Bill Vote [VIDEO]

    Comstock has learned absolutely nothing from the recent elections held in her own district.
  • Cuts to homeowner tax breaks could cost Republicans in 2018 races

    Russo, 52, said she had voted for the Republican in every presidential race since 1992 until last year when she picked Hillary Clinton. She still voted for Barbara Comstock, the Republican who represents her district in Congress. “I will not do that again,” she said. “The tax bill is the straw that broke the camel’s back.”
  • GOP rep: Republicans are lying, tax scam is nothing but a “corporate tax reduction”

    The most lopsided results were found in Rep. Barbara Comstock’s Virginia district, where 58 percent of voters say they oppose the tax scheme. Republicans just suffered massive statewide election losses in Virginia, in a clear rebuke of the party’s politics and direction, and the passage of the tax bill won’t do anything to compensate for that.
  • Viewpoint: Tax reform would not be good if you own a home

    For example, let’s take Rep. Barbara Comstock’s 10th congressional district, where the average taxpayer claiming the mortgage interest deduction subtracted $12,925 from their taxable income in 2015. Seventy-six percent of homeowners in her district claimed MID, and 83 percent claimed the real estate tax deduction, which translated into about $5,000 in tax savings per taxpayer.
  • Tax reform puts blue-state Republicans in difficult spot

    Rep. Barbara Comstock is one of the House Republican in a no-win situation on tax reform. President Trump lost in her district in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., by 10 percentage points. “Whether she passes it or doesn’t pass it, Barbara Comstock is in the path of that wave,” said Mr. O’Connell.
  • Dems eager to use tax bill against GOP in '18

    Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) is one top Democratic target who voted for the tax bill. According to analysis by the Tax Policy Center, almost 52 percent of tax returns from her district came from residents who take advantage of that deduction.
  • Comstock Votes Yes on Tax Bill Despite Local Concern

    Several of the provisions in the bill—including the elimination of the state and local tax, or SALT, deduction, which allows taxpayers to avoid being taxed on income they’ve already paid out in state and local taxes—could have a particularly large impact on Loudoun.
  • The tax bill Republicans may come to regret

    Even embattled Northern Virginia Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock, whose well-to-do constituents would be hurt by the limit on the home mortgage deduction and repeal of the state and local income- and sales-tax deduction, voted for it.
  • House tax package would increase construction costs for projects at region’s airports

    The tax overhaul passed by the House on Thursday would make planned reconstruction projects at the Washington region’s airports more expensive and could undercut other key infrastructure ventures, state and local officials said.
  • Senate Panel Approves Tax Plan as GOP Leaders Gird for Fight

    Comstock and Costello -- who are top Democratic targets in the 2018 elections -- both described their “yes” votes on Thursday as intended to advance the process, and wouldn’t commit to backing the final bill.
  • House Republicans Easily Pass Their Tax Reform Bill

    Most mysteriously, Rep. Barbara Comstock, representing the Northern Virginia suburbs that voted overwhelmingly against the GOP in last week’s state elections, voted for it.
  • Historic tax credit elimination would hit city

    In Winchester, the historic tax credit has contributed to the redevelopment of nearly two dozen buildings, some of them among the most notable in the area.
  • Overhaul the Internal Revenue Code

  • Leader of key GOP super PAC warns lawmakers: Oppose tax bill at your peril

    Three of them have not announced positions on the tax bill: Steve Knight and Edward R. Royce, both of California, and Barbara Comstock (Va.).
  • Republicans Face Some Last-Minute Doubts On Tax Proposal

    Later in the day, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) spent a good amount of time on the floor with Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) and Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.), two Republicans who have lingering concerns about the state and local tax deduction even after leaders allowed filers to write off the first $10,000 of their local taxes.
  • Tax troubles mount for Republicans

    Republicans are even more scared about losing their seats, so someone like Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), the sole GOP elected official left in Northern Virginia’s D.C. suburbs, is going to be running away from Trump, not toward him on taxes and just about everything else.
  • GOP’s Election Bloodbath In The Suburbs Complicates Tax Cut Push

    According to the Tax Policy Center, a left-leaning think tank, Republicans hold nine of the 20 districts with the most people reliant on SALT deductions, and seven of those who’d be hardest hit by the percentage of their income. That includes a number of swing districts like Comstock’s, which is fourth on that list and where more than half of her constituents claim SALT deductions.
  • Senate set for clash with House on tax bill

    “Barbara Comstock, in my view, would write her own defeat if she votes for this bill,” [Schumer] said.
  • GOP election drubbing scrambles tax reform outlook

    It’s those suburban House districts that Democrats are hoping to capture to propel them back to the House majority next year. Schumer name-checked Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), whose district went heavily Democratic in Tuesday’s gubernatorial election, and noted that nearly half of her district’s residents get a popular state and local tax deduction that is marked to be slashed or eliminated in pending GOP tax proposals.
  • Cowardly Comstock Can't Decide on Horrible Tax Bill

    Comstock originally voted against the budget resolution but that was a month ago - things were different back then.
  • Welcome to the D.C. suburbs, where the GOP tax plan could really hurt

    Comstock voted last week for a budget resolution that set up the framework for tax reform to pass the Senate with 50 instead of the usual 60 votes, but has not said whether that signaled her support for the tax proposal.
  • Fiscal year 2018 budget resolution (Round 2)

  • State Tax-Break Group Targets 20 GOP Lawmakers

    More than 49 percent of filers in the same ZIP code as Comstock’s district office claim the deduction, according to the analysis
  • Comstock votes against House budget resolution

    Passing a budget has been called a first step in enacting tax reform — a legislative priority for a Congress and White House with no signature legislative achievements.
  • Swing-seat Republicans squirm over GOP tax plan

    Republicans are feeling antsy over a key provision in their tax plan that could put some of the party’s most vulnerable members in the House in deeper jeopardy.
  • Trump is proposing big tax hikes on vulnerable House Republicans’ constituents

    Comstock, Peter Roskam, Randy Hultgren, and Dave Trott are all defending seats where more than 40 percent of households use the SALT deduction.
  • Some Conservatives See PAC’s Tax Reform Ads As Potential Warning Shot

    As House Republicans get ready to release the details of their tax reform proposal on Wednesday, rank-and-file GOP members spent Tuesday morning learning what consequences might befall them if they don’t get onboard.
  • Comstock Trying to Have it Both Ways on Trump's Tax Returns

    Comstock asks nicely for Trump's tax returns even though she voted against a measure that would force Congress to demand them.
  • Comstock Votes to Keep Trump's Tax Returns Secret

    Barbara Comstock likes to wrap herself in the flag of bipartisanship but when the chips are down, she always votes the party line with Trump. This time it was voting to keep Trump's tax returns secret.
  • A sheep in Wolf’s clothing

    Unfortunately, the Republican running to succeed Mr. Wolf, State Del. Barbara Comstock, is not in his mold. Although Ms. Comstock has wrapped herself in his mantle — her current TV ad features him praising her as a former 'trusted aide' — the differences between Mr. Wolf and Ms. Comstock are glaring.