Finding a Challenger

Finding a Challenger

The question on everyone’s mind right now is “Who is going to run against Barbara Comstock?” Like you, we were anxious to learn more so we could get involved. It’s a complicated process but it’s important for everyone to understand.

10th Congressional Committee

The nominating process is controlled by the 10th Congressional Committee. We could go into more detail about the members of this committee (we spoke to several of them) but we’ll skip that for now. The reason being that the members of this committee are all subject to change this May.

Every four years, all of the congressional district committees in Virginia are “reorganized.” Each district has a conference with the delegates chosen by each of the local committees. These committees will send delegates in proportion to their representation within the district. The exact date of the conference is still being decided but we know that it will be held on a Saturday in May somewhere in the Ashburn area. The committee is still choosing between a few different dates and venues.

Get Involved

Anyone who lives in the Virginia 10th Congressional District can get involved in this process. The first step is to connect with your local committee.

The committees are getting ready to start the nomination and voting process for delegates so you need to take action right now. If you live in Loudoun County, for example, you need to attend the committee meeting this Thursday if you want to be considered as a delegate yourself. Voting on the delegates will be done through a caucus, the rules for which are still be finalized. The best way to stay on top of this to find out the date of your next local committee meeting and make plans to attend.

Now is the Time

Most of us are new to the political process but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get up to speed quickly. The 10th Congressional Committee is going to be in charge of the process by which the Democratic nominee is chosen. For people who have been promising themselves they will get more involved in the next election - this is something concrete that you can be doing right now. We need your voice at the convention and on the committee.

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