Challenger Shak Hill Poses a Threat to Comstock

Challenger Shak Hill Poses a Threat to Comstock

As we first reported on Monday, Barbara Comstock has drawn a primary challenger. Rumors of a potential primary challenge began swirling last month. As we pointed out at that time, the hardcore Republican voters we talk to while canvassing do not like Comstock.

Shak Hill, aka #ShakAttack, is a classic right wing conservative that is bound to give Comstock trouble in a primary. Just how far on the right is this guy you ask? We’ll let his tweet speak for itself:

If you’re not convinced he is the kind of candidate that would excite Trump voters you can read more over at Blue Virginia.

Even though Comstock has a ridiculous 97% Trump voting record, that’s not enough for true conservatives. Yesterday, Conservative Virginia radio host, John Fredericks called out Comstock on Twitter:

If you’re asking yourself can this tea party maniac actually beat Barbara Comstock in a primary? The answer is yes. If you’re thinking that Barbara Comstock’s name recognition and massive war chest can carry the day you would be wise to look back to a certain primary in 2014.

Election results showing Dave Brat beating Eric Cantor

Of course we all know who Dave Brat is now, but back in the summer of 2014 he was a little known tea party zealot who had the audacity to take on Eric Cantor. Brat spent less than $200,000 and Cantor outspent him 40 to 1. Everyone thought it was impossible for Cantor to lose and the polling showed Cantor ahead by 34 points just 12 days before the election.

We all know what happened next. Eric Cantor became the first sitting House majority leader to lose a primary since the position was created in 1899. If an unknown tea party activist can beat the sitting House Majority leader, then it’s certainly possible for a back bencher like Barbara Comstock to lose to Shak Hill in a primary. He may not be successful, but anybody who completely dismisses the possibility is engaging in wishful thinking.

We couldn’t be happier for RPV Chairman John Whitbeck, who has tweeted no less than 40 times this year about a supposed #DemCivilWar.

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