She Should Run

She Should Run

The CD-10 race just got very interesting yesterday as word leaked out that Virginia State Senator Jennifer Wexton is being recruited to run against Barbara Comstock next year. We need everyone who is fighting for a better future to help convince her that she should run!

Please help us by contacting her office today and encourage her to run!

She is a Progressive

Jennifer Wexton has a strong progressive record. She is the opposite of Barbara Comstock and Donald Trump, which is what voters are going to be looking for in 2018. A quick examination of her previous campaign website reveals that she is strong on:

  • Health Care
  • Gun Safety & Mental Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Environment
  • Voting Rights
  • Transportation
  • Equal pay
  • Drug treatment
  • Family leave
  • Education
  • LGBT issues
  • Judicial reform

She is Effective

She is the Democratic Whip in the State Senate. She sponsored several bills and managed to get many of them passed through the Republican dominated legislature including a bill that allows “revenge porn” victims to sue in civil court.

She is a Fighter

Jennifer Wexton is a former prosecutor. Her bio is littered with examples of how she has fought for everyday people like us.

She successfully prosecuted thousands of cases and conducted hundreds of trials, including the prosecution of criminals who committed domestic violence or sexual offenses.

When she wasn’t fighting for victims of violent crime she was fighting for the marginalized members of society. She received an award for defending the rights of neglected children and the mentally ill.

She is a Good Listener

She actually listens to her constituents and is not afraid to hold town halls. What’s even better is that she then takes those concerns and passes them into law.

She fights hard for what she believes in and goes down swinging even if she can’t get the votes.

She is a Good Communicator

Jennifer Wexton is strong on social media. She has a couple thousand followers on Twitter and Facebook with more to come after you finish reading this article. Many of the potential challengers we looked into had little to no social media presence.

She Marched With Us On January 21

Voters were energized by the Women’s March and flocked to organizations like Indivisible and Swing Left to turn their energy into political action. We’re going to fight that much harder for someone whom we know was with us at the beginning.

She lives in Loudoun County

Jennifer lives in Leesburg, with two sons who attend public school. We need a candidate the whole district will love, but Loudoun County is especially important. To put this in perspective, Clinton won Loudoun County by 30,000 votes where Bennett won by only 100. Comstock’s entire margin of victory was just 23,000 votes. We need to do better in Loudoun County to win this race, and she has already won big there.

Which bring us to our final qualification …

She is a Winner

As a prosecutor Wexton had a strong record winning cases. In 2014 she won a tough special election to replace Mark Herring when he became Virginia’s Attorney General. She demonstrated her widespread appeal by winning 44 out of 47 precincts in her district. She went on to win re-election in 2015, while raising an impressive $1.4 million. The bottom line is that she’s a fighter and knows how to win. Running a successful State Senate race (twice) is the closest thing to prepare you for a tough Congressional race.

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