The Race Begins

The Race Begins

November 6, 2018. That’s the day that the voters of the VA-10 will vote Barbara Comstock out of office. The only question is, who will it be that takes her place? Right now we don’t know - nobody does.

While we can’t predict the future we do have some pretty strong opinions about the past. We know for instance, that the traditional process used to pick candidates hasn’t worked out so great. We think it’s time for a slightly different approach.

It’s important that whomever is selected to run against Comstock have broad grassroots support. Dump Comstock is the perfect organization to play a role in both recruiting and vetting the next candidate to run against her. We have a lot of ideas on how to proceed but we also want to hear yours. There’s also a ton of work to do - work that we can start on today.

Today we will start meeting in our new online chat rooms (powered by Slack) to discuss the next steps. Everyone reading this blog post has the potential to contribute. We encourage everyone to come by and join in the discussion. There is a ton of information floating out there - everybody knows a piece of the puzzle. It’s time to come together as a group and assemble it.

Please use the sign up button below to volunteer and let’s get started.

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