Comstock Can't Take the Heat - Blocks Us on Twitter

Comstock Can

Over the weekend Barbara Comstock finally decided to block us on Twitter. We knew it was only a matter of time. Comstock does not like to be publicly challenged and we’ve been doing far too much of that lately.

What was the final straw for Comstock? Let’s examine three possible explanations:

1. Our Last Tweet

This was our last response on her Twitter timeline:

2. We Asked Her Some Questions

Our group was at the May Fest in Lovettsville, VA last Saturday. Comstock turned up there and one of our members (a constituent), had a few questions. As you will see in the video we release tomorrow, she was clearly annoyed at the prospect of having to explain herself.

Constituent asks Comstock a question

3. We Embarrassed Her With a Sign

As we’ve demonstrated in the past, she’d rather close the door on a constituent than take questions. This time when we approached her she did the following:

  • Allowed a supporter to interrupt the constituent
  • Ran away in the confusion
  • Surrounded herself with staff
  • Immediately asked the M.C. to start the event so she could get away

While we waited for the next opportunity we passed the time by holding up a few signs.

Comstock photo bombed with Dump Comstock sign

We’re not sure which of these incidents pushed Comstock over the edge but we do want to point out that we are a constituent group and that we have never done anything to violate the Twitter terms of service.

It’s ironic that Comstock has chosen to block us given all of the tough talk from the GOP lately. For instance this is what the Virginia GOP said after a busy morning of bashing Jennifer Wexton on Twitter:

Loudoun Executive Chair, Anthony Defazio was also very proud to point out that politics is a full contact sport:

Since politics is a full contact sport maybe Barbara Comstock is too thin-skinned for this job?

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