Transportation Industry Delivers for Comstock

Transportation Industry Delivers for Comstock

Industry insiders have dramatically increased campaign contributions to Rep. Comstock at the start of her second term on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

This is a bit ironic, considering Comstock’s track record of voting against the Silver Line and Northern Virginia transportation funding while she was a delegate in Richmond. The Washington Post harshly criticized Comstock’s opposition at that time, stating:

“On her blog, she touts her recent initiatives relating to testing for Lyme disease but devotes not one word to the transportation bill, which will generate more than $1 billion annually for roads and rails.”

This has long been Comstock’s favorite political play — avoid comment on hard issues while staging photo-ops about issues everyone already agrees on.

Comstock managed to collect just $8,400 in her first two years on the Transportation Committee.

She quickly surpassed that figure this year, collecting $8,450 from industry insiders during the first three months of her new term and adding $17,000 from corporate PAC donors.

At this rate, she will haul in more than $203,000 before the end of the 115th Congress.

It is easy to guess what these transport corporations and industry insiders expect from Rep. Comstock: privileged access and a sympathetic ear while her constituents wait outside, clamoring for attention they will not get.

And, as if to thumb her nose at the Post, Rep. Comstock recently orchestrated a campaign photo-op for herself with @NatCapLyme – a worthy cause, but one that distracts attention from her poor leadership on difficult issues.

Like transportation.

Industry insiders donating to Comstock in the 1st quarter 2017 included:

Corporate PAC donors to Comstock in 1st quarter 2017 included:

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