Twelve People Who Condemned Roy Moore Before Comstock

Twelve People Who Condemned Roy Moore Before Comstock

Barbara Comstock has been making the rounds on the Sunday talk shows in a futile attempt to improve her image. When she wasn’t defending Trump on Meet the Press, she was bragging about how she was the first Republican woman in the House to call on Moore to step aside.

There are only twenty one Republican women in the House of Representatives, so bragging that you were the first is kind of like bragging that you were the valedictorian of summer school.

Apparently Comstock thinks she deserves some kind of credit for waiting almost twenty four hours to call on an accused pedophile to drop out of the race. In fact, more than twenty Republican and Democratic members of Congress had called on Moore to quit the race mere hours after the bombshell Washington Post article being published.

Granted, some of the Republican members qualified there statements with an “if true”, but there were at least a dozen prominent political voices that issued an unqualified call for Moore to quit the race before Barbara Comstock weighed in the following day.

The Washington Post story broke on Thursday, November 9 at 12:54 PM. Let’s see all of the people who issued unqualified condemnations of Roy Moore before Barbara Comstock finally weighed in the next day.

1. Ana Navarro

Navarro has been a long time critic of Trump, and was one of the first prominent Republicans to call for Moore to quit the race. It took her less than one hour.

2. Charlie Sykes

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes weighed in minutes later.

3. John McCain

John McCain may be a fake Maverick but at least he has some standards.

4. Tim Kaine

Comstock wasn’t even the first member of Congress from Virginia to weigh in on Roy Moore.

5. Adam Schiff

Comstock may have been the first Republican woman to call for Moore to quit the race but she certainly wasn’t the first member of the House to do so.

6. Ted Lieu

Another member of the House weighs in.

7. Steve Schmidt

This Republican campaign manager doesn’t tweet often but when he doesn’t hold back when he does.

8. Kirsten Gillibrand

Senator Gillibrand is an actual leader on the issue of sexual harassment. She didn’t need to sleep on it before declaring Roy Moore unfit for office.

9. Jennifer Rubin

Conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin didn’t need to wait until the next day either.

10. Jonah Goldberg

Jonah Goldberg makes his living pedaling conservative garbage, but even he is willing to call out his own party.

11. Allison Grimes

Here’s another Democratic politician who did not hesitate to condemn Roy Moore.

12. Mitt Romney

Barbara Comstock was a campaign surrogate for Mitt Romney when he ran for President.

And finally, almost twenty four hours after the story broke, Barbara Comstock bravely weighs in with her call for Moore to quit the race.

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