Virginia GOP Jumps the Shark on Twitter

Virginia GOP Jumps the Shark on Twitter

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for John Whitbeck and the Republican Party of Virginia. With the entire nation focused on Virginia after the embarrassing Nazi/KKK rally in Charlottesville, they figured this would be a good time to accuse Ralph Northam of being a traitor to the white race.

image of deleted GOP tweet

This epic tweet, which has since been deleted, capped off a forty eight hour period of shameful nonsense conducted by the official @VA_GOP account on Twitter.

Their social media failure was not limited to Twitter. Earlier this week the Virginia GOP was caught by the Loudoun Times promoting a fake news story on Facebook. The story involved the daughter of famed civil rights hero, Rosa Parks, and how she supposedly didn’t think Trump was racist. The story was entirely fake - starting with the fact that Rosa Parks never had a daughter.

fake news story on rosa parks

For a party that decries “fake news”, they spend an awful lot of time spreading it on social media. Like that time RPV Chair John Whitbeck was pushing the fake story of the murdered DNC staffer being responsible for the Wikileaks email disclosures.

john whitbeck tweeting fake news

When they’re not spreading fake news, the Virginia GOP is busy generating it themselves. Like the time the horrible Nancy Pelosi left an event without shaking hands with her supporters.

Then there’s the blatant hypocrisy, like when they call people out for blocking them on Twitter. Where was the Virginia GOP outrage when Comstock blocked us on Twitter?

Republicans are always lecturing us about personal responsibility, yet when they get busted spreading fake news or promoting racism, they are quick to deny responsibility. Instead, they blame it on “outside volunteers” and issue “sorry if you were offended” apologies. Maybe it’s time the buck stop with the anti-semitic joke teller running the Virginia GOP?

whitbeck anti-semitic joke article

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